Jingle Store – Revolution

Jingle Store Revolution is designed for stations that play a variety of music styles from pop to rock and even dance.

It contains 1 top of hour and 10 themes, all ready to be customized for your station.

1 – Choose your favorite Jingle or Jingles

2 – Contact us to start working together

3 – Our professional arrangers and vocalists work their magic, making your lyrics come alive

4 – Your cuts are expertly mixed, mastered and sent to you

One Sung Jingle inc 4 mixes (ramp/slogan/short/station Id) 

Listen to the entire package below, choose your cuts and contact us now.

Jingle Store Revolution

Pop Rock 1
Pop Rock 2 
Soft Pop 3
Pop 4
Dance 5
Pop Dance 6
Pop 7
Soft Pop 8 
Rock 9 
Pop Rock 10
Top of the hour 11