Lcr Entry Pack

The Future is July 2010, there is Low Cost Radio Jingles. A new way of Radio and TV Jingle Production available to the whole world. We work in Italy with many international big artists. We produce Radio and Tv Jingles, custom jingles, jingles package, custom music, commercial jingles, station IDs, liners, promo, commercials and tv themes.

Today, we introduce our Entry Package consisting of:
10 jingles with Ramps, Tags, Slogans, Station ID’s and shotguns along with, 3 special cuts news opening, weather theme and traffic theme. Our Entry package is ready to sing for your station.


Ramp 1
Ramp 2
Ramp 3
Ramp 4
Ramp 5
Ramp 6
Ramp 7
Ramp 8
Ramp 9
Ramp 10